Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What is the Hamptons Style, really?

There are lot of people bandying about the term Hampton Style. So let’s just get it right, it’s not just white and blue and it is not the Australian interpretation of aged Oak and it is especially not boxy 2 Pac white furniture recently being flogged as Hampton’s Style by a well known furniture retailer. No way! My evidence is that this is neither what we see in Veranda or Traditional Home Magazines nor the actual Hampton’s homes or design stores themselves.

The key to Hampton’s style is, quality fashionable fabrics on timeless traditional style furniture, a generous layering of accessories that is decidedly American, it is where lovingly collected French, English and country style pieces arrive at their new beach home. There is sense of care and attention to the room as a whole coupled with an investment in quality furnishings that one's dream home deserves. That is the look that is uniquely Hampton’s.

Xavier Furniture displayed a selection from their Hampton’s Style Furniture range in our Sydney Agent's showroom late last year, the display was inspired by interior decoration seen in homes of the Hampton’s and the movie "Something’s Gotta Give". Apologies for using a snap shot instead of a professional photograph but it does give you the idea.

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